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About UNIX and Linux Training

UNIX, in all its variations (including Linux), is a powerful computing environment, but to maximize productivity, users and administrators need to understand the "UNIX way" of getting work done. I deliver classroom training that will improve students' productivity quickly, by stressing important shortcuts and pitfalls that might otherwise take years to learn. All my classes make extensive use of real-life examples, which I've accumulated during a quarter-century of professional and personal UNIX experience. Important concepts introduced during the classes are immediately reinforced by hands-on exercises. Most of these classes and (with the exception of System Administration) lab exercises are equally applicable to Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, and Linux - and I've delivered classes on every one of those platforms (and delivered the C and Perl classes on Microsoft Windows, as well.) Please take a look at our UNIX and Linux Training Buyer's Guide, read student comments, and then browse the following list of our standard courses. You can also view some sample questions, which are provided to help you determine if a particular class is appropriate for you. All the courses can be customized for on-site deliveries to match your requirements.

A course manual, and in some cases an accompanying text, is provided with each class, and any of the classes can be customized to meet specific content or time frame requirements. One possibility, for example, is to combine elements of the UNIX/Linux Tools and Shell Programming classes, which works well for somewhat experienced UNIX users.

Regardless of which class(es) you select, you can be confident that your instructor will have both practical and teaching experience with the topic.

For a listing of my specific training experiences, view or download a resume (text, or pdf), or view a customer/employer list.

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