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About On-site Training

If you have a group of as few as three or more students, it may be more economical to arrange on-site training, rather than enroll in public classes - particularly if those public classes would require travel. An on-site class may even be more economical than some "e-learning" products, and has the advantage of being customizable to your requirements. Whether your training needs involve basic or somewhat advanced UNIX or Linux skills, shell (Korn, Posix, Bash, Bourne or C), Perl, or C programming, I may be able to provide timely, effective, and economical training at most locations throughout the US. The actual cost depends on class duration, location, and logistics, but I'll be happy to provide quotes promptly upon request.

To discuss your requirements, and find out how on-site training could work for you, contact me using the information on the home page.

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