Paul Tibbitts - UNIX and Linux System Administration Services

About UNIX and Linux System Administration

UNIX and Linux system administration includes a variety of both technical and non-technical tasks related to the construction and maintenance of a computing environment. Here's a sample of responsibilities provided by a customer at the beginning of one of my system administration contract assignments:

Documented UNIX Administration Solutions

Creating local documentation is one of the most important roles of a system administrator. My goal in performing UNIX administration is for the UNIX environment to be as maintainable as possible, regardless of who will eventually be performing the work. I provide local documentation for everything I implement, so customers are never locked in to using my services. You can download a small prototype developed from a document I've used to document several customer environments, starting way back in 1992. Although the technical details are outdated, it's still useful as an example of topics that need to be included in local documentation. That document was developed using the traditional UNIX documentation tools (pic, tbl, and troff); more recently, I've been developing web-based documentation.

More Details

For a listing of my specific UNIX administration experiences, view or download a resume (text, or pdf), or view a customer/employer list.

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